Angel Tattoos - The Wonderful Meaning Behind Tattoos For Both Men and Women

So you're looking for one of those cool Angel Tattoos? There are a lot of them out there and it's not so easy to make a decision which one to get. But let's take a quick look at a couple points about the meaning behind angel tattoos.

By sheer volume, it is quite clear that angel tattoos are quite popular with girls and women. They usually take the form of an angel sitting on a cloud (cherub-like) or of a vindictive angel (like Lucifer the fallen angel). Often they are transfigured entities ( often young men ie Michael from the Bible) who are cascading in light or wearing religious robes, carrying swords and wands. Angels are frequently linked with a higher being or a "god" of some nature and are depicted as being the keepers of man's soul and the preserver of faith and spirituality.

Angels represent higher sentient beings and are above man in Nature's hierarchy. He is given the unenviable task of being man's guardian.The Angel guardian tattoos are also very popular with girls because they are intelligent witty creatures - and perhaps somewhat romantic. They are often represented as spirits that guide us and that add to our personal security in some way.

It is not a well known fact but angel tattoos can equally be used by boys. If you go searching deep enough on the Internet, you can find hundreds of pictures of guardian angels for boys. The most popular place for the tattoo placement, at this time, for a man or boy is on the upper arm or shoulder. For woman it is on the lower body cavity.

As far as real large tattoos are concerned, the winged angel is also seen quite a bit. In some cases, it 's tattooed on the entire back and looks quite elegant, especially with the dark coloring See Here . I, myself, find these rather impressive with their detail and majestic appearance.

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