Chinese Dragon Tattoos

Very often we see many people sporting the tattoo of a dragon on their arms or back.
The dragon is a very symbolical figure and is considered to be a very prominent in the Chinese culture.

In some cultures dragons symbolize destruction, whereas in the Chinese culture dragons dente and come across as protectors of humanity. The Chinese in fact are known and referred to as “lung de chuan ren” which means “descendants of the dragon”. The mighty dragon is known for its good will, benevolence and intelligence.

Different forms denote different meanings:
Dragon Tattoos,  chinese tattoo
The Horned Dragon: Mightiness

Dragon Tattoos,  chinese tattooThe Celestial Dragon: Protector of Celestial beings and Gods.

Dragon Tattoos,  chinese tattooThe Earth Dragon: Protector of the Earth.

Dragon Tattoos,  chinese tattooThe Treasure Dragon: Keeper of precious jewels.

Dragon Tattoos,  chinese tattooThe Winged Dragon: Dragon with wings.

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