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Grim Reaper Tattoo

Surprisingly, grim reaper tattoo designer and artists take a pretty one-dimensional character and are able to flesh him out in a number of ways that keeps the image from being repetitious and ubiquitous every time you see one.

Another thing about the Grim Reaper I noticed is he's always very detailed, and the quality of the work is superb in almost every one I found.
There were exceptions like cartoonish looking Reapers, but other than that they were of very high quality, and I really enjoyed them in spite of what it makes you think of.

Almost every one I included in this tattoo gallery have a unique aspect that separates them from each other, and surprises as to how it was differentiated.

One of the major changes many of the Grim Reaper tattoos had was in reference to the sickle. Many of the tattoo artists changes that around in a creative way and made the sickle out of something else than what is normally thought of.

Not all of them did that, but it was done enough so it was one of the major elements of the tattoo that made them stand out.

Grim Reaper Tattoo of Him at Rest?

This first tattoo of the Grim Reaper gets you a little too relaxed, as he seems to be resting the sickle on his shoulder with not much work to do.

Of course you know what happens when we let our guards down, slice goes the sickle before we know what hit us. Oh wait, I better not get to that part yet so early on in the article.

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattooGrim Reaper Tattoo and Spooky Tree

The tree really makes this tattoo, although they flow well together and the lines don't interfere, but give the impression that this is where the Grim Reaper walks and dwells before coming for his victims.

So if you see any of these trees ... you know, stay away!

Grim Reaper Tattoo with Spooky tree in background

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattooGrim Reaper Tattoo with him looking like he's under skin

These types of tattoos which look like there's a world of some sort beneath the skin are cool to me, and this one of the Grim Reaper works great for me. I like how that handle sticks out as if it make a hole there. Ouch!

Grim Reaper getting underneath your skin?

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattooGrim Reaper Tattoo with some already harvested souls

The souls behind the Grim Reaper in this image really make the design. You get the feeling they're behind him waiting to see who's next.

Also notice the souls in the bottom part of his robe, which aren't obvious at first.

Grim Reaper tattoo with souls behind him

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattoo

Grim Reaper Tattoo in act of taking soul

This is one of my favorite Grim Reaper tattoos, and as you can see, he's in the act of taking his next soul with him.

But the design is really well done, and it's like you can almost feel his actions as he's doing it.

Grim Reaper Tattoo photo taking soul

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattooGrim Reaper Tattoo of him ready to throw the dice

This one is awesome to me. Is it your turn? Let's toss the dice to see shall we?

Other than the message the image and design sends, this is really a well done tattoo, whether you like the subject matter or not, and the shadowing is incredible.

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattooGrim Reaper with Hockey stick sickle

This one is a lot of fun, and that hockey stick is the one used by a goalie. Does that imply he's the last stop on your journey? I think so. Pretty creative and detalied tattoo.

Grim Reaper Tattoo with hockey stick for sickle

tattoo design, tattoo style, new tattooGrim Reaper Tattoo with Hourglass

This final Grim Reaper tattoo is full of stuff, and the center of the focus is that hourglass in front of him. There's no dice throwing in this image. Time's up baby. Time to go. Time to reap.

But what's also really cool is his sickle being an alien skeleton based on the film series. Great tattoo.

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