Lindsay Lohan's third tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan's third tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN
The first two of Lindsay Lohan's tattoos are very simple and quite small. The first is a very small heart on her left hand right next to the thumb. Lindsay's heart tattoo is very small and not very noticeable. The second tattoo on Lindsay's collection is a small black star on the inner side of her left wrist. This star tattoo is another very small one which is not very noticeable.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan's third tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN
Lindsay Lohan's third tattoo is a very intriguing quote located in a very interesting spot on her body as well. The tattoo consists of the words "la bella vita" which means beautiful life and is a title of one of her songs. The tatto is located on the lower back region, to the right of the middle swell. This tattoo is a nice change from the heart and star tattoos for Lindsay.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan's third tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN
The fourth tattoo of Lindsay's collection is the word "breathe" on her right inner wrist. The tattoo is done very light and hard to notice. This particular tattoo is said to represent an bad asthma attack the actress went through. This tattoo can symbolize both the event and the ideal to take in every moment of life as it is all precious. A very nice addition to Lindsay Lohan's tattoo collection.

Lindsay Lohan is still living life and if she follows suit with many celebrities, it is expected that many other tattoos will appear on such a talented individual, so look out for more tattoos from her in the future.

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