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Stars are often encountered as symbols, and many cases the meaning of a particular star symbol may depend upon the number points it has, and sometimes the orientation of these points as well. As a light shining in the darkness, the star is often considered a symbol of truth, of the spirit and of hope. The symbol of the star embodies the concept of the divine spark within each of us. Their nocturnal nature leads stars to represent the struggle against the forces of darkness and the unknown.
star tattoos on foot - foot star tattoo

star tattoos on foot

sexy star tattoo on foot for girls

Cool place for a tattoo....but so cute .holy crap! I thought at first they were temps until i saw the redness and read the tags!

star  tattoos

sexy star tattoos on back for women

Sexy star tattoo for girls

star tattoo for sexy  girls

This is another star tattoo design.

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