New Evil Tattoos :Tattoo Designs Pictures

New Evil Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures1When people talk of evil tattoo designs they are usually referring to either horror tattoos, as the one shown in the picture, or tattoos that use pagan symbols. This latter category of tattoos mainly deals with the fact that what may be called as "occult". These images are in association with the white witchcraft which has another name called Wicca, the Viking Runes, The Tarot and other magic craft and prophesy.
New Evil Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures2 Images like the pentacle which is a five pointed star, or the Athame which is a double edged blade that is used for white witchcraft. There are also images in relation with the four elements which are the fire, water, earth and air. All of the above mentioned images fall under the Wicca tattoos. Many people tend to think that these occult gothic tattoos are evil tattoos.
New Evil Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures3 For all those who think like this let me make you clear that what you think is absolutely wrong. These images neither have evil qualities nor do they have anything to do with so called ‘Satanism’. These images are just the signs of prehistoric religions in the medieval period, which gothic tattoo lovers dig out and celebrate by getting these designs etched on their bodies in ink. And the horror designs are not evil tattoos either, nor they do they represent a serious sociopathic personality. It’s just a design that’s cool and shows one’s love for the horror genre.

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