Ariel unveils the Mugen-tuned Atom

Somerset has joined forces with the Land of the Rising Sun - via Northampton - to produce this, the Ariel Atom Mugen. The latest version of the patented ‘Face Destroyer' has been fettled by the famous Honda tuner to better ruin your helmetless dignity.

Mugen has tuned the 2.0-litre Honda VTEC engine to produce 270bhp, up from the standard 245bhp, following an extensive overhaul. New high performance pistons, high-lift camshafts, valve springs, race grade spark plugs and a baffled sump replace the originals.
A carbon fibre Mugen engine cover better displays your pit-lane superiority, too. Cower, peasants! (Unless of course, someone's rocked up with a V8 Atom, in which case, kneel, peasant!)

This fettled engine fits alongside a lightened and balanced flywheel, a limited slip diff and a Honda close-ratio six-speed gearbox.
You also get Alcon lightweight brake calipers - finished in red, naturally - vented brake discs front and rear and four-way adjustable dampers and springs, the latter being a modified version of the one found on the V8

You get a new LCD flat-screen display housed in a carbon-fibre instrument panel, programmable to display three colour gearshift lights and standard warning lights. Ariel also say it's possible to set up a function which warns if "any function data goes outside programmed parameters for quick and easy reference on track". We suspect ‘backwards through a wall' might be one of these parameters.

You've got this far, which means you're interested. To reward your diligence, here are some stats: it goes from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, and hits a top speed of 150mph. You might want to tick the option labelled ‘helmet' if you are pretty. If you are not, hey presto! Free facelift!
Only 10 Mugen Atoms will be built at a price of £41,450 (excluding VAT).
To reward you even more, click through for more pics. See? We're nice like that.

Top Gear drives the Ariel Atom V8 in Modena

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