Mister Scweiz 2011 Contestant - Luca Ruch 's Photo/Profile

Mister Switzerland 2011 or locally known as Mister Schweiz Wahl 2011 Beauty Pageant will be held on April 2 at Bodensee-Arena in Kreuzlingen. Jan Buehlmann (photo above), Mister Switzerland 2010 will crown the new winner at the end of the contest.

Luca Ruch | Mister Schweiz 2011 Contestant

Name: Luca Ruch
Hometown: Frauenfeld
Age: 21
Status: Forgive and be happy
Profession: Economics student (banker)
Hobbies: Soccer and sports in general, tennis, poker, spending time with friends
Height: 181cm
Weight: 77kg

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