Series 16, episode 2: rehearsals gallery

It's the Ashes this weekend. The motoring ashes, that is. In fact, the Top Gear Motoring Ashes That Doesn't Involve Cricket.
We're going up against our Australian TG counterparts in a series of dastardly challenges to see who's best.
Elsewhere, we've got Ferrari's 599 GTO and a German once known for being quite handy with a racket pilots the ceeapostrophedee.
But before any of that, we snuck into the studio using our guile, our security pass and a number of identification checks involving large metal probes, to bring you snaps of the boys as they prepare for Sunday's show...

Jeremy is momentarily distracted by refreshing orange-coloured beverage while being relieved of his wallet and car keys. In other news, ‘Back Of My Head' show on TV was a doozy

Script Ed Richard Porter finally obliges Jeremy's incessant request; summons ‘More Fire'

Jeremy, waiting for fire to happen

"No Richard, the Ferrari 599 GTO has this many torques"

"So, which fact shall we use in this week's show?"

James couldn't hide his excitement over Cameraman's stripy jumper

The departure of Cameraman had left a hole in James' heart

The TG team responds to a request for ‘a fact' in the show

Hammond was wary of the lunch ‘special'

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