Supercharged Toyota iQ debuts in Japan

Gazoo tricks out the automotive equivalent of an iPod with racing gubbins and ’charger
Toyota iQ Gazoo
Gazoo has just unveiled the iQ Racing Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Japanese equivalent of SEMA.
Gazoo who, you cry? It's a company that outfits Toyota/Lexus models with go-faster paraphernalia, and it has just released a modded version of the iQ.
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The GRMN iQ Racing Concept gets a supercharger and roll-cage, along with the wheels, bodykit and decals you see above.
No further details have been released, and Gazoo's Japanese website is all in, well, Japanese. Suffice to say, it's based on the limited edition iQ GRMN which sold out in a week in August 2009, and is one of 17 vehicles being displayed by Toyota at the Auto Salon.
Not a bad effort, we have to admit. Almost slaps the Cygnet around the face with a comedy fish.

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