This Sunday: it’s England vs Australia in the Top Gear Ashes

It’s fragile heads all round in the Top Gear office this morning – last night saw our magazine’s glittering awards ceremony, and we’re still recovering from Christian von Koenigsegg’s startling revelation that the main inspiration for his awesome Agera was a 25-year-old Norwegian cartoon about fishermen.
More on that later, but here’s something to blow away the cobwebs: a look forward to Sunday’s show.
For episode two in the series, Jeremy, Richard and James look to heap further sporting humiliation on Australia by accepting a challenge from our colleagues at Top Gear Down Under.
Over to Aussie presenter Ewen Page, batting for the opposition:
“OK, predicting a collective TV orgasm before your audience has settled on the lounge is always risky, but I reckon even the angriest Top Gear anorak will find plenty of entertainment in this feature.
“Here’s kind of how it goes. There’s a welcome of sorts from Jeremy, and we meet him and his mates for a series of challenges to determine whether Australia or England gets to hold a brilliant new sporting title: The Motoring Ashes. Cue cricketing analogy, etc. Then it’s time to take on The Nigels (they called us The Bruces, so it only seemed fair…) in sheep herding, drag racing, drifting, upside-down racing and rallying.”
Cheers Bruce. Jeremy also attempts to get sideways with the latest iteration of Ferrari’s most iconic marquee: the 599 GTO. Whether his film reaches the orgasmic heights of last year’s 458 Italia review, you’ll have to wait and see.
And Britain’s favourite German Boris Becker turns up to try to match John Bishop’s astonishing lap last week in our Reasonably Priced Car. A tough ask…
Enjoy the show – it’s the usual time of 8pm, Sunday, BBC2 once again – and see you afterwards for some discussion, outtakes and extras on

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