Top Gear USA: Episode 9 this Sunday

Top-Gear-US-presentersAnother heads up for our friends across the pond on this week’s episode of Top Gear USA. For the ninth in the series, the boys flex ankles and wrists in anticipation of many gear changes: they’re heading to Alaska to unearth America’s toughest trucks.
Whether they met and overtook the legendary Ice Road Truckers on the way was unconfirmed as we went to press, but we do hope so.
Remember, if you’re in America you can catch up with old episodes of Top Gear USA on the History Channel site, as well as out-takes featuring rotting salmon and Top Gear UK’s script editor Richard Porter.
In other America-based news, Cameron Diaz was on the Jay Leno show last week reminiscing about her time at the track in the last series of Top Gear. We haven’t seen it yet as the Hulu website refuses to play with British users, but if you’re across the pond you can watch the Jay Leno interview here.
Enjoy the show and let us know what you think below in time-honoured fashion…

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