Australian GP

New adjustable rear wings, no F-ducts or double diffusers, the reappearance of KERS, new tyres and most importantly... a new do for Alonso.
We're not sure whether his shorn locks will make his Ferrari 150 Italia 0.0001 seconds faster, or indeed if it falls under driving transgressions now that stewards have been given power to impose a wider variety of penalties.
Whatever, it certainly headlines an exciting new season for F1. Schuey could be back in the hunt, Hamilton and Button could score big (if their car works), Lotus-Renault's new exhaust could destroy the opposition or torch the front wing, Eddie Jordan could sport a toned-down shirt...
Click through to get a taster as the teams arrive in Australia ahead of the Big Showdown, or check out our preview from Jake Humphrey and the commentary team here.

"Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father..."
"Of course, the existence of massively dense objects in the universe capable of horrifically warping the fabric of space-time terrifies me. But I'm wearing a red hat, so all is well."
"And a question from our younger viewers: who'd win in a fight between Batman and Superman?"
Pondering sales of a new fitness video...
"The re-introduction of KERS should facilitate captivating overtaking manoeuvres, increasing the appeal for worldwide audiences. Plus, having a turbo-boost button is brilliant."
Some tyres, yesterday
"It's your bushes mate, they're knackered."
Lotus, unplugged
Kookabura Karate-Chop! Fernando Alonso life-size action figure now came with moving thumbs and spare helmet

"You done something different with your hair?"
Australian GP ambassador Ashley Hart gets up close and personal with some Ferrari drivers

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