‘Senna’ film trailer released

Watch footage from upcoming film chronicling little-known racing driver Ayrton Senna…
Ayrton Senna
Three world championships, 80 podium finishes and 41 wins. It's safe to say Ayrton Senna was a bit handy behind the wheel of a nitrous-fuelled shopping trolley.
As Jeremy pointed out in that rather epic film in Series 15, Senna was one of the most exciting things to ever grace Formula One (Eddie Jordan's shirts aside), who enthralled and shocked in equal measure. Now, as you're probably well aware, some conscientious types have decided to immortalise the feisty Brazilian via a Big Epic Film. And it's called Senna.
See pics from 'Senna'
Senna hits UK screens this summer on 3 June, and we invite you to spend the next few minutes suckling at the teat of the video below. It is a trailer (not the Japanese version we saw last year), and peruse the gallery of stills.
Then, once the Meerkats of your mind have finished dancing around with anticipation and glee, let us know why (or indeed, if) you think Senna rules.

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