Eagle Speedster E-Type revealed

21st Century take on classic E-Type gets built in Blighty. 4.7-litres of straight-six loveliness included...

Meet the Eagle Speedster. It's based on the 50-year-old Jaguar E-Type, every single component's been replaced or upgraded, it makes 340lb ft of torque and looks most excellent.
It's the folly of Rick Velaj, an American car collector based in Connecticut, who asked UK-based Jaguar tinkerers, Eagle E-Types, to build him ‘something a bit special.' Eagle's designer, Paul Brace, scribbled an outline, Velaj's root fizzed and after a few months the Speedster rolled out of its East Sussex-based workshop.
See more pics of the Eagle Speedster here
Despite the familiar outline, the Speedster's 100 per cent bespoke. Its all-aluminum body panels have been gently remolded from original tinware by Nuneaton-based RS Panels, it's got its own tailored wraparound windscreen and the floor's been dropped to create an ultra-low profile.
Underneath the bodywork there's a 4.7-litre Jag six-pot, which has also been fettled by Eagle. It churns out 340lb ft of torque, which promises to hustle the Speedster's 1100kg bulk along nicely.
The handling's been played with too - it's got sports suspension and a broadened track thanks to custom-built alloy knock-off wire wheels.
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Inside, there are a few nods to the original E - dashboard, gauges and switchgear - but the aluminum fascia, diamond-stitched leather chairs, door cards and arm rest are all custom-made.
Do you like it, TopGear.commers? Or should classics be kept original?

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