Lightweight BMW M3 CRT revealed

Check out this super-racey carbon fibrey E90 M3
AUFGEREGT SEIN! That's German for GET EXCITED. Which is what BMW wants us to do about its M3 CRT - a lightweight special edition that mashes bits from the track-spec M3 GTS into the M3 saloon body.
And to drive the CRT's racey hardcoreness home, it was launched at the Nurburgring 24hrs race.
Now, the name. CRT stands for Carbon Racing Technology, which is predictably crotch-forward and aggressive, but the carbon tech that BMW's developed comes from its i-series eco cars.
But don't expect fancypants carbon tubs or subframes - it's still mostly end-of-line E90 3-series underneath. You do, however, get carbon bonnet inserts, seatbacks, rear wing and front airdam.
It's also sprouted a titanium exhaust and featherweight 19-inch alloy, which has helped whittle 45kg off the standard M3. And you still get a four seats and sat-nav.
Under the carbon, BMW's fitted the 4.4-litre, 444bhp V8 engine, M-DCT dual-clutch transmission, adjustable coilover dampers, stiffened rear subframe and six-piston front disc brakes.
It all conspires to a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds - half a second off the standard M3 four-door - and a tethered 180mph top speed.

Need it in your life? You'll have to rush. To Germany. Only 67 are being made, they're all left hookers and there aren't any plans to sell them in Blighty.
We can smell a whiff of runout special, but what do you think, TopGear.commers?
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