Chest Tattoos for Women

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There are many types of designs that women choose to place on various parts of the body. Although some designs are more popular in some areas than others, chest tattoos are growing increasingly popular in women that are seeking a tattoo that can set them apart from the crowd and a tattoo that is highly visible with most pieces of clothing and can be displayed at ease. Chest tattoos are commonly placed above, or even on the breasts in women that choose this area of the body and can be seen through low cut clothing, even in regular pieces of clothing, depending on how high the tattoo has been placed on the body.

What types of chest tattoos are most popular for women? The most common types of chest tattoos that are popular for women are such things as script; angel wings placed above the breasts and even paw prints which have been inspired by celebrities. There are many variations which can be created with these tattoos and therefore seeking popular designs from inspiration like celebrities and tattoo galleries can help to narrow down the choices when it comes to choosing a chest tattoo.

Keep in mind that the chest tattoo is going to be visible to many people, as most popular shirts do not cover the upper chest therefore the tattoo will be seen by all. For this reason, many people choose a tattoo that is tasteful. Another aspect that one should consider before getting a chest tattoo is the fact that the tattoo can begin to appear lower, or sag as muscle tone begins to decrease as we age. Taking all of these factors into account can help to determine if a chest tattoo and even what design of a chest tattoo is right for you.

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