Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo1 Where to Find Tribal Dragon Tattoo Pictures

For men, one of the most popular tattoo designs is the tribal dragon tattoo. Originating out of China, Japan and Asia, these tattoos can be symbolic of strength, courage and a lot of the times, wisdom. When looking for where to find tribal dragon tattoo pictures for inspiration, one could easily walk into any tattoo shop and take a look around.

The other option, like most searching, can be done on the internet. A simple keyword search under images will give a wide variety of different designs and colors; however if one is looking for any specific design, the best website to check out is 1001 Tattoos. This website has an amazing layout and a large image gallery full of tribal dragon tattoos.

Within the different galleries, the client can find tribal dragon tattoos that include Celtic designs, serpents and other oriental symbols and scripts. Most of these tattoos are primarily aimed for men, but women tend to become rather fond of them as well. For a woman, the tribal dragon tattoo isn’t so much about masculinity as it is for strength. A woman may get this tattoo after facing and surviving a disaster or another traumatic event in life.

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